Ls430 Transmission Fluid Capacity

Lexus LS430 is known for its powerful engine and relaxed interior and it is often considered a luxury sedan. However, its strength is derived from the performance of its internal system and one important component is the transmission and the transmission fluid.

This article will cover Lexus Ls430 transmission fluid capacity and all you end to know about the fluid for this vehicle including how to change it, and the right one to use.

LS430 transmission type

Lexus LS430 uses an automatic transmission system. This system is different from a manual one because it allows your car to change gear on its own rather than depending on the driver to carry out this task by using the brake, accelerator, and clutch yourself.

An automatic transmission system is used in most modern cars as it is convenient and accurate. While vehicles with an automatic transmission system may be difficult to maintain, it is way easier to use compared to its counterpart.

LS430 transmission fluid type

There are various transmission fluids out there that are suitable for different types of transmission, this makes choosing the right type tricky. The appropriate transmission fluid for your Lexus LS430 is the Dexron VI fully synthetic automatic transmission fluid.

This fluid is red and it contains additives that allow your car to function under low temperatures and prevent the wearing of some car parts. This fluid lasts longer as they are not oxidized by low temperatures, it controls aeration and foam and improves our car performance, it is also approved by general motors (GM).

LS430 transmission fluid capacity

After purchasing the right transmission fluid for your Lexus LS430, the next thing you need to know before changing the fluid is the LS430 transmission fluid capacity. This is the amount of oil measured in quarts that your transmission can hold.


Your car manual may provide the amount of transmission fluid needed. While some vehicles will need a lot of transmission fluid of about 7 quarts, your Lexus LS430 has a fluid capacity of your LS430 is 2.4 quarts. One gallon of this should be sufficient with some oil to spare.

Lexus LS430 transmission fluid change

There are a lot of reasons why there is a decrease in your car performance and one of these reasons is that your transmission fluid is bad and needs to be changed. You may notice some symptoms of this condition or you can get a warning code or a check engine light signal.

Here is a short guide on how to change the transmission fluid in your Lexus LS430.

  • Drain the old transmission fluid in a container
  • Set up a new pan gasket
  • Pour in your new transmission fluid
  • Inspect for any leak
  • Take your car out for a test drive to confirm that there is no issue or abnormal behavior

It is recommended that you change your transmission fluid after 40,000 miles, you can also choose to replace it regularly as it will extend its service life and boost your car performance. It is an important maintenance step that should not be ignored or overlooked.

Symptoms of bad transmission fluid

If you do not know the appropriate time to change the transmission fluid in your LS430, you may get a hint from some unusual behaviors. If any of these symptoms are exhibited by your vehicle, then you should seek some help from a mechanic.

Bad transmission fluid

The most apparent sign is the alteration in the color of your transmission fluid. Usually, immediately after a change, your fluid is red, but after a while, it becomes a dirty brown color. This is a sign that you need to get it changed immediately.

Gear slip

If you are running low on transmission fluid, there will not be sufficient lubricant to reach the gear components of your car and this causes them to wear off. This can also be caused by ineffective fluid and this can give you a feeling similar to driving over ice, you will also hear some strange noises coming from your transmission.

Engine running hot

There will be an increase in the temperature of your engine, almost as if it is overheating. This is because your transmission fluid is not cool enough, creating excess heat in your engine area. This is a serious problem that needs immediate attention when noticed.

Trouble running in reverse

If you want to leave your garage with dirty transmission fluid, then you will learn later on that you can do so because your car is unable to reverse. While this can be an indication of other problems, it is best to check your transmission fluid when you experience this.

Strange noises

A distinct whining noise can be heard coming from your transmission area and this usually happens when your car is in reverse. This can be caused when your fluid line is blocked with dirt from the transmission fluid. You can also hear a humming or buzzing sound, they are all indicators of bad transmission fluid.


No response

When the case of your transmission fluid has gotten so serious, you may get low or no response from your car. This can be accompanied by hesitation and this feels like a jerking motion of your car.

Burning smell

This is a symptom common with transmission problems. You may experience this problem if there is debris in your clutch system that causes overheating of the engine and transmission. This smell is obnoxious and resembles that of burning rubber.


This article has covered various aspects of transmission fluid including Lexus LS430 transmission fluid capacity. This vehicle can take 2.4 quarts of transmission fluid and it is recommended that you use the Dexron VI ATF. You must know all the details about your car transmission before purchasing a fluid.

If you notice some signs like low performance, a burning smell, hesitation, weird noises, or you get a warning from your check engine light, then you may be out of transmission fluid or the one in your car has gone bad. If this happens, change the oil immediately using the simple steps we have provided above.

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