355 sbc vs 383 stroker: which engine is better?

The 355 sbc and 383 strokers are popularly known as the two best strokers you can examine today.

But they act quite differently in some cases. Especially, if you think about their capacity and application.

Primarily the 355 stroker is used for drag racing. It requires a higher power for regular acceleration.  Where 383 stroker is created for the street performance.

In this article, we'll talk about the 355 sbc vs 383 stroker. So you can decide which one you need for your maximum drive.

What is Stroker?

Simply stoker is something that strokes. 

It's designed mostly for racing applications to maintain the weight of the power of the larger engine. It maximizes the true size of the engine cylinder's inner diameter or bore. 

Which represents the stroker engine containing both cylinder and larger piston configuration.

What is 355 Stroker?

In the US people use it for low cost and higher torque. It's a small block displacement that contains only 350 ci. 

People use it for the regular car. Which is not built for race. Nowadays sometimes some racing cars are also designed with small blocks.

Every 355 stroker is considered as a V8 engine. Which contains 3.74″ and 3.55″  bore strokes.

In 1968 it was built for the Chevrolet Corvette. Then it became popular as a Corvette Small Block.

As you can see the word stroker represents the factory specification longer stroke. 

People choose it for drag racing. 

It is designed to produce high rmp horsepower, and lower rpm torque at the same time. 

But you may not able to experience the unnecessary torque or displacement in between.

No more wonder with the small block it has 380 horsepower along with 415 Ibs torque. 

The liter size of the 355 stroker is 3.5. 

This means you get 5 valves for every cylinder to configure. 

Who is the inventor of the 355-stroke engine?

As we talked about earlier, Chevrolet first created the 355 engine in 1967. 

After creating the 355 it shockingly becomes the world-renowned engine within the shortest period.

How many liters the 355 engine contain?

As a stroker, it is designed with a bored cylinder. Which are 4.00" and 3.74" strokes. It provides a displacement cubic of 355 inches. 

The difference between 355 sbc vs 383 stroker is the stroke. 

Both are stokers, but the 383 is a larger stroke. 

It's 4.00" and also provides the cubic displacement.


All about 383 stroker

The 383 is considered one of the big torque strokers and pumps out the 500HP.

It's a quite common combination with the 355 stroker but a stronger one and delivers more capacity.

It produces frequent torque to the lower RPMs and also holds an extended power band which is stronger than the 355s stroker. 

How many ccs do 383 strokers contain?

The 383 is not a lower horsepower stroker it produces maximized power when extending the engine size at the same time. 

The difference is the crankshaft, piston, and cylinder are included with the system.

As it is a high performing stroker it can generate horsepower between 500-6000. So you gain more power inside the engine.

What are the advantages of the 383 stroker?

The 383 is considered the most popular stroker engine from the rest from the beginning of its birth. Many vehicles are truly happy to use it. 

It may not give you the ultimate power all around but the torque is an immense amount. 

It is also a good deal for auto enthusiasts. Because it's designed with high-end horsepower you experience more liters as well. 

If you go on occasional trips then the street performance will give you a better ride. The beauty of this stroker is the Aluminum CNC cylinder herds along with the hydraulic camshaft. They give you extended power all your journey.

How reliable is a stroker engine for the car?

Every stroker engine is modified to expand the piston stroker. 

Mostly old cars are used for higher horsepower to meet the modern emission.

It's mostly reliable how much you maintain it. Popular stroker engine is quite expensive from other engine types but delivers the result you may happy with your older cars.

Is that expand any horsepower?

Surely it's designed to maximize the horsepower to the bottom. It mainly enhances the displacement by the longer piston. As you know the job of the stoker is to send power as well as torque. Which automatically burns fuel more than usual time. To save this happening you need to maximize the octane or compression ratio.

What Exactly small block is?

Stoker has generally named the modified engine. It originates from the racing industry.

It's an engine that modifies the car's horsepower expanding the engine size. 

It considerably the extended stroke of the car and bore.

Which Stroker is better?

As you have seen all the data now you can simply conclude that for better street performance, 383 strokers can be more convenient. 

Because it creates better torque at the lowest RPMs and also delivers stronger power at the same time. 

Finally, you may now notice the difference between 355 sbc vs 383 strokers. The 383 stroker is the advanced version of the 355 sbc. And if you want extended capacity for your drive the 383 can be more reliable.