Troubleshooting the P240F Error Code in Your Vehicle

P240F is a diagnostic test code that can also be called an engine fault code. You get confused when one of these codes appears on your onboard diagnostic (OBD) scanner, however, you should know that this code has a meaning that relates to a problem with your car or a fault somewhere.

This article will give you a detailed guide to what the P240F error code means, the car symptoms associated with this engine fault code, why this code appears, and how you can troubleshoot this problem. There are also other codes like this so you will also gain a bit of insight into the types of codes after reading this. 

What is a P240F code?

As mentioned in the introduction, this code is an engine fault or diagnostic test code that usually indicates a malfunction in your car. These kinds of codes contain five digits and usually have a letter at the beginning, these letters are key indicators of the location of the malfunction and four letters are usually used (P, C, B, and U).

P stands for powertrain

C stands for chassis

B stands for body

U stands for network

With this, you can tell that this code (P240F) is an indicator of a malfunction associated with the powertrain of your car. The letters and numbers that make up this code also have their meanings and they are decoded below.

P - Powertrain-related code

2 - This number is manufacturer specific. What it represents depends on the manufacturer of your car. 

4 - Injector circuit malfunctions

0 - Poor cooling circuit

F - Malfunction in the cylinder or transmission 

Depending on the manufacturer of your car, these letters and numbers may decode for different problems. But on a general scale, these are the possible things wrong with your car when you see this code. 

What causes a P240F code?

Since this error code is related to the powertrain of your car, it means components for generating power for your car will be affected and this includes transmission, engine, axels, differentials, and driveshafts. Here are some potential faults that can give rise to this engine error code. 

Poor wiring

The wires connecting these various parts of the powertrain may be incorrect or the wires may be damaged. In the engine system, wiring can be done on the wrong terminals and this can hinder the flow of electricity to the necessary parts. The transmission system has a wiring harness that aids the flow of electricity to various transmission components like the transmission control unit, sensors, and engine control unit. With a bad wiring connection, all these parts fail to receive the electricity they need. 

Poor fuel or fuel tank condition

One important part of the fuel system is the fuel filter. It is responsible for keeping debris out of the fuel system as it can cause damage. When the fuel filter is faulty or damaged, it allows the passage of dirt and debris which makes your fuel bad. This debris can also clog vital parts of your car’s fuel system like the fuel injector and carburetor. 

You can use suitable cleaners to get rid of the dirt and you can change the fuel in your vehicle if it has gone bad. 

Bad spark plugs


The spark plugs of a car are responsible for igniting your car and without them, your engine will not respond when you attempt to start it. This can be a result of worn out or damaged spark plugs, it can also be caused by wrongly installing the spark plugs or one of its components. 

Ignition related problems

Aside from damaged or worn-out spark plugs, you can have other ignition-related problems that will result in you receiving this engine error code. Some of these ignition problems include a faulty distributor pick-up coil, crank position sensor failure, or a damaged ignition module. You can contact an expert or take your car to an auto shop to confirm and fix ignition issues. 

P240F Faulty symptoms

Your car exhibits unusual behaviors when you receive a P240F error code, and here are some of the symptoms that indicate a potential cause of this diagnostic test code.

Check engine light is triggered 

You may be familiar with this indicator because of the number of times a problem in your car has been associated with it. This indicator is located on your dashboard and it is usually yellow orange or amber with the word “CHECK” written below it. The presence of the check engine light may just be an indication of a minor problem or it could indicate a bigger problem. In this case, you should look out for other symptoms and the engine code to determine If it’s a serious issue. 

Engine stall or misfire

When your car stalls, it jerks like you are running out of gas. In some cases, you may experience a temporary loss of control over your steering wheel or brakes while driving and this is because your engine has temporarily stopped. When your engine misfires, your car hesitates when you accelerate or it's slower than usual when it comes to acceleration. Your acceleration can also be rough when your engine misfires and you can observe this by occasional vibration while accelerating. 

Trouble starting your car

When there is a problem with your car’s ignition or combustion system, you will experience some difficulty starting your car and in some cases, it may not even start. This can be a result of one of the ignition problems mentioned above, damaged or worn-out spark plugs, or bad fuel and clogged fuel injectors. 

Troubleshooting the P240F Error Code in Your Vehicle

How you choose to fix this code depends on the problem triggering it. It can be a result of malfunction from your fuel system, transmission system, ignition system, or engine. Diagnosing the cause of this code is key to fixing the issue.

Visit an auto shop

The trigger for this engine fault code is numerous and if you are not a car expert that can put symptoms together to diagnose the problem, then you should visit an auto shop to get your car checked and serviced. 

Fix transmission problems


Transmission problems can be fluid leaks or gear shifting. Some of the symptoms of transmissions are very similar to the general symptoms associated with this engine fault code. First, you want to check for signs of transmission problems and general signs of this code then you can follow the appropriate solution.

Fix fuel system 

Common fuel system issues include a clogged fuel injector or carburetor, a malfunctioning fuel pump, a clogged fuel filter, and clogged fuel lines. Ensures that your fuel filter is active and can prevent debris from getting to other components, while doing this, you should ensure that the filter doesn’t get clogged as it can hinder fuel transportation. Ensure that your fuel system is cleaned occasionally. 

Fix engine problems

Common engine issues include blocked components, dirty components, bad wiring, or damaged sensors. Look out for individual signs of each of these problems and associate them with the general symptom of the engine code.


Receiving an engine fault code can be alarming because it may be new to you or your suspect that it means danger. We have broken down all you need to know about this code and how to decode it. The P240F Error Code is associated with malfunctions in your car’s powertrain.

After reading this article, you should have gotten a good idea of the causes of this code, the symptoms you need to look out for, and how you can get rid of this code by fixing the problem.