Source of Steering Linearity's Direction

Steering linearity is all about the steering wheel. If the steering is linear, the angle the steering wheels move will be the same throughout the range for each degree of steering wheel movement. None when the system approaches full lock. The system may be able to provide more deflection per steering wheel movement. You might get more answers to the question of what is steering linearity from the experts around you. 

Understanding steering wheel linearity through pure mathematics

The steering twists 20 degrees when the sensitivity is set to 1.0. Linearity refers to how quickly you turn your wheel. As you turn your steering controller more, notice how forcefully the steering in the area turns. When linearity is 1.0, turning the driving control system 20 degrees turns the steering in an area of 20 degrees and turning the driving control system 60 degrees turns the steering in an area of 60 degrees.


The steering wheel reacts to the controller's movement speed. If the slider is set to the left, "No Nonlinearity" indicates the steering wheel travels at the same pace as the controller. Which is also known as sensitivity settings. For such reasons, around a question that everyone goes through, "What is steering linearity?"

Impact of Inconsistency: Linearity

For low-speed maneuvering, nonlinear steering systems promote sportiness, driving ease, and comfort. for low-speed maneuvering Although drivers are accustomed to and prefer linearity, these steering systems are widely accepted. With these systems, objective study of steering behavior becomes more difficult because commonly utilized approaches are no longer sufficient. FEV will expand its test processes for establishing scatter bands of state-of-the-art automobiles so that nonlinear steering systems can be adequately compared to other vehicles in their class.


Controls the wheel's sensitivity. With Steering Linearity set to 0%, the in-game steering will respond consistently over the wheel's entire turning arc. You’ll see a steering saturation on the option shown in the photo below.


Configuration of the steering.

Any wheel other than 90 degrees will make locking the physical wheel of the car impossible without assistance. If changing the steering to 30 mph so that your wheel can turn the car's wheels to its full range, allows you to navigate around the pit road and return to the track after a spin. At speeds greater than 30 mph, however, we easily transition to a nonlinear steering method. Through the first half of your wheel range, this algorithm strives to keep your wheel linear with the car's steering wheel.

The speed of the car and steering linearity

This is a high-speed steering assist. It will allow you to adjust the turning force dependent on the speed of the car, allowing for more precise turning at higher speeds.


Nonlinear steering

The steering wheels react to the speed of the controller movement, which is known as steering non-linearity. If the slider is set to the left, it indicates the steering wheel travels at the same pace as the controller.

Truck steering

Everyone knows that truck drivers exhibit more pressure and activity towards the steering. Truck steering systems have several links, which generate nonlinearities that might impair steering performance. Actuators that produce fake steering characteristics can now be installed in steering systems. However, testing in a safe and controlled simulated environment is advised before new steering systems are introduced in real automobiles. A contentious issue is whether tests should be conducted in a motion-based simulator or if a fixed-base simulator will suffice. Furthermore, it is questionable if simulator-based examinations can be administered successfully with a convenience sample of university students who have never driven a truck.


Truck steering linearity

What if you have two parties, each conducting eight 5.5-minute drives? Participants completed a lane-keeping job, merged onto the highway, and four overtaking maneuvers per vehicle. The linear steering system outperformed the nonlinear system in terms of subjective and objective steering effort, as well as lane-keeping ability.


In a very particular method, the way a steering wheel moves along with the body movement is called the linearity of the steering. Many people come to us with the same question: what is steering linearity Throughout this article, it will be easy for each one to understand the linearity of the steering. I hope to enjoy the reading throughout.

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