Why is my AC Compressor Pulley Not Spinning? A Guide to Diagnosis

The most annoying part of the vehicle is the hood's strange sound. Interestingly, in most cases, you can manually fix it without any extra heavy-duty work. What you need to do, First, exactly locate places where the noises come from and then fix them accordingly. But if you don't fix it in the quickest time. Then the Ac compressor becomes stuck or fails over time.  And in this discussion, we'll go above and beyond how you can completely fix the ac compressor pulley not spinning like an expert.  

Let's diagnose it like a pro and never fight the same issue again!

Most common reasons why your AC compressor pulley not spinning?

When your Ac pulley not working properly you get the noise from outside the car. People often listen to whining or grinding noises coming from the engine. Where the pulley needs to replace immediately. To make sure it's not working just take off your belt and discover which one has a problem. 

So the most common scenario we see on the pulley not spinning on your Ac compressor is;

  • Early upkeep.
  • Non-constructive fuse.
  • Insufficient refrigerants.
  • Inadequate lubrication.
  • Decreased coolant levels.

    It's crucial for everyone to first understand the warning when the compressor fails. Otherwise, you wouldn't be able to make the pulley work as the AC operates. Let's carefully read the full instruction below and uncover how you can fix it yourself.

    How Ac Compressor Stops Pulley From Spinning?

    Generally, the Clutch is attached with ac pulley. Which helps the pulley to move freely if the Ac is not running. To power, the core engine properly front pulley turns the compressor. Surely, the compressor is one of the key parts of Air conditioning. But when a single part gets affected others are as well. 

    There are common scenarios of the compressor pulley that you may see quite often.

    Early Unkeep:

    Car Ac compressor can easily lock up when you choose inadequate lubrication, poor coolants, and refrigerant on the AC. Compressor always requires consistent maintenance before facing any critical issue. Check your car Ac regularly you'll be okay. 

    Unconstructive Fuse:

    As the wires receive excessive voltage inside the compressor, it hits the car fuse. Because the beauty of the fuse saves the damage. For an electrical connection, you can use a multimeter.

    Insufficient Refrigerants:

    Car Ac generally contains two different types of AC lines Low and high-pressure lines. But both of them require to function properly. Because they are joined with a pressure switch. Which finds the refrigerant issues. If the pressure switch gets appropriate pressure or less, it stays open. Which directly leads to a compressor clutch. 

    Inadequate Lubrication:

    Another reason the pulley not spinning is because of the lack of lubrication. Because a lower level of lubrication always heats the compressor faster. Where AC can stop working too immediately.

    Decreased Coolant Levels:

    If the airflow inside the radiator condenser doesn't cool the temperature, then the compressor heat raises all along. Check the vehicle pulley, there are always versatile ways to look after it. Because it depends on the car models you have. Let's see how you can do it.

    Know both Compressor and The Pulley well:

    As you now know sometimes the pulley and the compressor are the enemies of your car engine understand them as soon as possible.

    Here's the way to know them right.

    Check the belt:


    First, you need to keep aside the drive belt. 

    Now manually spin the compressor pulley and check it thoroughly. It always spins if the pulley lives without stains inside. You may hear a sound like squeaking or grinding if there is strain there. 

    To examine the compressor, just pulley the compressor naturally rotates. If you see any form of reluctance there it proves the joint gets bound up. If the compressor is designed with fixed materials then you may not able to change the pulley or bearing of any kind. But if they are detachable you can obviously replace or change them.

    Ways to Inspect The Air conditioner Pulley?

    Manual Compressor Clutch Activation

    To identify the spinning problem first you need to go through the clutch coil, ground sources, and additional issues. To manually activate the clutch here is what you need to do.

    First, you need to disconnect the Clutch wire from your compressor. You may find it at the front end of the compressor behind ac. Now understand the power pins and the connector's ground. You can also inspect the diagram of the factory wire if you have any doubts in mind. Then create wiring for both the control circuit and the power of the compressor. 

    Use the positive wiring side which may contain the inline fuse for the connection. Now connect the newborn wiring for ultimate security. Then join the fused wiring along with the clutch coil and battery-positive post together. You must carefully put the link on the correct terminals. Because if you choose the wrong terminals, then you will end up with a false result.


    Now, this is what it takes to do if your ac compressor pulley not spinning. In this way, you would able to deal with most of the Ac compressor pulley spinning. 

    And this may also give you a strong idea of what may cause the spinning to stop. Let's give it a try and make the boy work.

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