Why do we need an inverter?

An inverter has a wide range of use in our daily life because it converts DC power to AC power. Most of the common appliances like mobile phones, laptops, tablets, microwave, etc. run on AC power. But we do not get AC power when we go outside. At that time a battery is useful. But a battery produces DC power. In this respect, an inverter helps to convert DC power to AC power.

An inverter is easy to install and a very essential product especially when you are in a long drive. If you forget to charge your mobile phone, laptop or tablet at home, you can charge them by an inverter. When you are tired and there is not a single coffee shop beside the road, you can use a coffee maker by an inverter to be refreshed.

A battery is very helpful when there is no electricity. But it is a matter of regret that, it can produce DC power only. On the other hand, essential appliances like TV, desktop, refrigerator, oven and etc. need AC power. If you cannot convert the battery power to AC, it is totally useless. With the best inverter, we can handle the situation easily.