How can I make sure I don’t accidentally drive without MOT?

There are a lot of responsibilities attached to owning a car that sometimes the smallest detail can slip out of your mind. From servicing your car to maintenance, and insurance, you can easily forget about your car MOT.

A car’s MOT (ministry of transport) is an issued certificate that signifies that your car is eligible to be used on the road and not having your car MOT while driving has serious penalties. Fortunately, this article covers everything you need to know about accidentally driving without MOT 2022.

How can you make sure that you don’t drive without MOT?

To prevent accidentally driving without MOT, you should arrange a test before your current certificate expires, that way, you won’t risk driving without one. You can also set reminders if you do not have a valid certificate, these reminders prevent you from driving until you take the test. The earliest you can schedule an MOT test is a month. A good example is a certificate expiring on the 17th of June, the earliest you can take another test is on the 18th of May.

What exactly is an MOT? This is a test to ensure the safety of a car, and every car that passes the MOT test will be eligible for a valid certificate. If your car performs well in these areas then you get a legally issued certificate. Your car will get tested in the following areas.

  • Body structure
  • Bonnet
  • Brakes
  • Doors
  • Fuel system
  • Exhaust and emission system
  • Horn
  • Front and rear taillights
  • Load security
  • Mirrors
  • Registration plates
  • Seat and seatbelts
  • Tyre and wheels
  • Vehicle ID number
  • Wipers, washers, and windscreen

Cars that are up to three years old need an MOT and after this, there will be annual testing until your previous certificate expires. All cars in the United Kingdom need an MOT test and it should not cost above £60to take this test, and if you are skeptical about your car’s MOT status, then you should visit GOV.UK for your MOT history. The only exception to driving without an MOT is if your car is less than 3 years old, if your vehicle is exempted from the MOT list, and if you are driving to a pre-booked MOT test. The last condition is only applicable if you are driving to an MOT test center and if you are stopped by the police, you should be able to prove that you are going to take the test by showing them your appointment letter.


If you still drive with an expired MOT certificate, you will be required to pay £1000 and if your car failed the test and you still drive, then you will be charged up to £2500. According to the law, after getting three penalty strikes on this issue, you will be offered a worse punishment. If major problems have been identified in your car during the MOT test, you will need to get it fixed and if your MOT center doesn’t fix damaged cars, your car will be towed to a repair shop to be worked on before use.

Driving without an MOT can have vital consequences like an invalidation of your insurance. Insurance companies ensure that your car is all fixed up after an accident happens, and without an MOT certificate, you are left all on your own to pay for the damages and also pay a fine of £300, if things get really serious, you may be disqualified from driving.

What to expect in an MOT test

There is no way to prepare for an MOT test if you don’t know what to expect. A lot of people wonder how much an MOT for a van costs but it cost just the same as a car, your MOT charge should be less than £60 and if you have a well-kept vehicle, you are likely to pay less compared to one that is not properly taken care of.


On your way to take the test, take your vehicle registration document or logbook (V5C), your appointment letter, and a recently issued certificate if you have one. Every part of your vehicle will be checked, although some parts will be given more attention than the others, but be sure that your brakes, seatbelts, tires, mirrors, exhaust emissions, steering and suspension, and windscreen are working properly. The test can take up to an hour and you may not start immediately after you get to the center so a bit more time is taken. You will have to wait for a longer period if your car did not pass the test and has to undergo repairs.

Modification of MOT rules

Over the years there has been some modification to the rules guarding an MOT test. The standard ones that haven’t changed include the period before you can attain a certificate (3 years) and the test fine. The pre-scheduled date, and rules concerning expiration date. However, in the modern testing system, defects will be given labels like minor, major, or dangerous. If you receive a minor call, then your car passes the test with some repair advice but for a major or dangerous call, you will need to get some repairs to fix the defect. Diesel cars will also be placed on a strict emission evaluation during the test.


In the United Kingdom, an MOT certificate is as important as a driver's license as it helps to determine whether your car is safe to be used on the road. It involves a careful evaluation of various parts of a vehicle (with more attention given to some parts) to pass a reasonable judgment. 

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