P0335 Error Code: Crankshaft Position Sensor Circuit Malfunction

You can come across several error codes while using your car, and one of these codes is the P0335 error code. This diagnostic code indicates that there is a malfunction in your car’s crankshaft position sensor circuit. The presence of this code calls for urgent repair as it can lead to bigger issues if left unattended.

Diving into this article, you will learn more about the crankshaft position sensor and its primary functions, the causes of this code, the symptoms associated with it, and the possible repair for this code after diagnosis. 

Crankshaft position sensor and its functions

The crankshaft is an important component located inside your car’s engine and the crankshaft position sensor records the speed or position of the crankshaft and sends this information to the electronic control module (ECM).

The ECM utilizes this signal from the crankshaft position sensor to determine the ideal time for creating sparks that ignite the fuel for combustion in your car. This component may also be linked with other sensors like the camshaft position sensor to help out in combustion.

There are different kinds of crankshaft position sensors with different working mechanisms, and while this component is usually located in your car’s internal engine, the location may differ from the model of your car.

Causes of the P0335 error code

There are some possible triggers of this error code on your car, and they include:

Faulty electrical wiring

The wiring is the link between this component and the ECM. The signals sent from the crankshaft position sensor are taken to the ECM using the wires, which implies that any damage caused to the wiring or wiring harnesses can trigger this code.

Faulty crankshaft position sensor

After giving an overview of the functions of this component in the previous section, it is obvious that a malfunction will trigger this code as the ECM won’t receive accurate or any signals at all about the crankshaft. 

Broken timing belt


The timing belt is another component found in the internal combustion engine. It is also known as a toothed belt as it has teeth that move with the cogwheel to drive the crankshaft and the camshaft for fuel injection and ignition. 

If the timing belt comes loose or rips apart, the crankshaft will not work optimally, thereby causing the crankshaft position sensor to send wrong or no signals to the ECM.

Faulty crankshaft reluctor ring

The reluctor ring is a component that triggers the crankshaft position sensor to take readings. It is mounted on the crankshaft such that when the crankshaft rotates, the rings trigger the magnetic sensor to send signals.

When your reluctor rings are faulty, your reluctor won’t get the information it needs to send signals to the ECM.

Faulty ECM

This is a less likely occurrence, however, it is possible. The ECM is the control unit of your car that ensures that it functions properly. It is similar to the control unit of a computer system. When the ECM is faulty, it won’t translate the signals sent from the crankshaft position sensor accurately and this will affect your car’s ignition.

Symptoms of the P0335 error code

There are some unusual symptoms you will notice if this error code has been triggered in your car, and they include:

High fuel consumption

If you have observed that your car uses more fuel than usual, then there is a possibility that a P0335 error code has been triggered. This is because the crankshaft position sensor is one of the key components involved in fuel injection, and if when it becomes faulty it leads to your using up more fuel than usual.

Difficulty starting your car

Because the crankshaft position sensor is crucial for ignition, a fault in this component or any other component relating to it will cause difficulty starting your car. In this case, your car won’t start at all.

Check engine light comes on

The check engine light is a warning light that is triggered whenever there is a malfunction somewhere in your car, and that includes your crankshaft system. This yellow light that illuminates an oil jug is displayed on your car’s dashboard display panel. 

 Engine misfires


Engine misfires occur when one or more cylinders in your car lose power. This can happen while you are driving and you will experience a temporary loss of power. It happens because there is an inconsistent or inaccurate spark timing which can be due to a fault in the crankshaft position sensor or other related components. 

Engine stalls or hesitation

As your car speeds, the engine should be able to adjust fuel injection and spark timing to keep your car moving at a smooth pace and even aid in acceleration. However, with the crankshaft position sensor faulty, your car will stall or hesitate which is similar to the bucking or jerking feeling a car has when it’s out of gas.

Troubleshooting a P0335 error code

Before attempting to carry out any repair on your car, you need to confirm that a P0335 error code is triggered. You can determine this by using an onboard diagnostic scanner popularly known as an OBD scanner.

By observing the symptoms displayed by your car and confirming the presence of this code with an OBD scanner, you can make plans to repair any fault. You can consult an auto expert if you are not skilled enough to carry out any repairs. 

Here are some possible repairs that can eliminate this code:

Replace faulty crankshaft position sensor

When your crankshaft position sensor is faulty, it is highly recommended that you completely replace it rather than making any repairs. Replacing this component should cost between $180 to $300 depending on the manufacturer and model of your car. Replacement parts of luxury cars tend to cost more than that of other cars.

Repair or replace faulty wiring or wiring harnesses

You can test the wires of your crankshaft position sensor with a digital multimeter to see if they are faulty or not. You can do this by using a reference voltage of 1.5V, and if any wire doesn’t match this reference, then It is faulty. 

You should replace the wiring if it is faulty and attempt to repair the wiring harness if it is also faulty. 

Replace the damaged timing belt

It is very difficult to repair a faulty timing belt, and even if you do so, it won’t take long before it gets damaged again. You need to completely replace the timing belt and you need your car details (manufacturer and model) to get this done properly. It can cost between $500 to $750 to replace a timing belt, and if your vehicle uses a timing chain, then it will cost between $700 to $2000 for a replacement. 

Replace faulty reluctor ring

If any form of damage has been done to the reluctor ring, then you can purchase a replacement and get it installed to get your crankshaft position sensor working properly. It will cost between $60 to $350 to get a new reluctor ring replacement.


The P0335 error code is one of the many codes that your car can trigger when there is a malfunction somewhere in your car. We have seen that this code indicates a problem with the crankshaft position sensor which is important for fuel injection and ignition. 

This code can be triggered because of a fault in your car’s crankshaft position sensor, the sensor wiring, the reluctor ring, the timing belt, and the ECM. After reading this article, you should have learned about the symptoms associated with this code and how you can diagnose and troubleshoot it.