Why changing oil is important?

"What will happen if we do not change oil" or "why changing oil is important" the two most common questions on the mind of many car users. To give you a meaningful answer to the questions, our car expert team has spent a lot of time researching it. Finally, I am here to tell you the fact in detail.

You know what oil is called the lifeblood of your vehicle. It is an essential thing to make the engine components efficient. It works to lubricate the meticulously engineered moving parts in the car's engine. Oil reduces the accumulation of varnish and carbon from collecting on the engine. When the engine becomes hot by the small explosions, it pulls the heat away from the combustion chamber. In a word, it works to ensure the smooth running of the vehicle.

Now, it's time to tell why it is essential to change the oil. Below, the reasons for you.

A cleansing tool: Oil reduces frictions, provides lubrication, lessens wear and tear, and makes the engine components cool. When the oil is old, it can potentially damage the engine. And that time, new oil acts as a cleansing tool that cleans dirt and buildup from the old oil. When you maintain a schedule of changing oil, it keeps your engine clean and avoid the harmful contaminants. It will maximize engine performance and the lifespan of the engine.

Corrode-resistant: Oil is an essential thing to protect your engine. It creates a layer of protection between the moving parts of the engine to keep them from wearing down. If you do not change the oil regularly, your engine can corrode.

Frictions-free: When you do not change oil for a long time, there will be frictions that can cause permanent damages to the engine parts. When you do not do anything against them, it can be costly for you. After a period, there will be no alternatives for the replacement of the engine.

The lubricator: Oil works to lubricate the engine. After a period, it begins to degrade and can't lubricate as earlier because it loses its viscosity which means, it loses its thickening and becomes sludgy. This sludgy thing can be the major contributor to the internal combustion engine problems. When the damage is severe, you will have required to change the engine.

Burned-oil-free: Your oil can be burned away at the time of driving for a long time. When you change oil, it replaces oil that is burned. If you do not replace it for a long time, there is a chance of damaging the engine, which can be costly for you.

Damage-free: Your oil is old means you are driving around with specks of metal in your car oil to the friction. When you use this engine for a long time, the specks of metal get the chance to damage the engine. The only solution to this problem is to change the oil at the right time.

Milage: When the oil is old, it has a bad effect on the milage of your car. If you change the oil when it should be changed, it will improve the fuel efficiency or the milage. So, you should spend a little amount of money changing oil because you will get it back by saving fuel.

Less emission: When the oil is old, there are more emissions to the exhaust. Clean oil helps the engine to run well, and it produces less exhaust emissions. You must know many vehicles have to pass an emission test every year to prove itself road-legal. If the oil is old, it will surely fail the test. So, you should have changed the oil to pass the emissions test. It is also important for a healthy environment.

Warranty: A new car is available with a warranty which brings a mental satisfaction to the mind of the car owner. But you will have to maintain the rules of the car company. According to most of the company manual, you will have to change the oil after a period to ensure the performance of the engine. If you do not maintain it properly, your car engine can fail to provide you your expected performance. And the company will not help you in this respect.

I have tried to tell you every single fact about "why changing oil is important". I hope you have understood the importance of changing oil. Another thing is that you do not forget to change the oil filter at the time of changing oil. An oil filter becomes dirty when it cleans out impurities and contaminants like dirt, debris, tars, etc. So, it is also important to change the oil filter also.

One thing to make you clear that changing oil or oil filter is not costly because you will not have to go to the garage for this simple work. You just need the proper tool to do it by yourself. You can buy a good oil filter wrench for this job, which perfectly fits your oil filter. You just need to invest a little bit of your valuable time to ensure the best performance.